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Brant Emery Engraving

Your Design Ideas Realized

Love Tokens

My repurpose of an old tradition.

Love Tokens were coins that had been engraved with something of significance and presented to your loved one.

I use the basic concept and modernize it a bit.  I use U.S. quarters from the various State and Monument series and machine one side clean, then I embellish them with your design.  Something as simple as an initial, or perhaps a Monogram with borders and other elements.  Let your imagination run wild.

They can be used as a key fob, zipper pull, a charm, or in a bezel as a pendant.  It's yours, you decide.

Just a quick sample.

From a simple initial to a monogram, or heart and simple scrolls.  The only limit is your imagination.

Scroll down and view the gallery to see some of the possibilities.

A with wriggle on hard planish c.jpg
JCE monogram PB030001_edited-2.jpg
FB fancy PB030002.jpg

Sport  Theme Tokens

BASEBALL S PA180324 CR .jpg
FOOT BALL PA270002_CR .jpg
SOCCER A PA180316 CR .jpg
SOCCER PA180314_ CR .jpg

Sport themed Tokens

These can be personalized with Initials/Monograms, Dates, or Short Phrase.

Token Embellishments

Background Texture

Untouched- right off the lathe



Running Leaf Border

Running Leaf Partial

Running Leaf  Clockwise

Running Leaf CCW

Running Wheat Border

Running Wheat Partial

Running Wheat Clockwise

Running Wheat CCW

Other Treatments

Wriggle Cut Border

Medium Heart

Heart with Carlos Border

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